Friday, July 24, 2009

Anal Itching

An embarrassing problem, anal itching, is nevertheless very common. Anal itching is usually related to other illnesses of the gastrointestinal tract, or local skin conditions. Because of the moist environment of the anal area and repeated contact with waste, skin irritations, abrasions are slow to heal and require persistent care. Red skin around the anus indicates food sensitivity.
Itching is often the result of a local eczema, which can arise through sensitivity to detergents and soaps. It can also be food related; spicy food, dairy products, citrus fruits, soy, corn, tomato and eggs are irritants. Rectal itching can be caused by associated problems in the anal area, including haemorrhoids and anal fissures. Worms should be considered as a possible cause; pinworms are especially common in children. A Candida fungal infection of the bowels is another common cause. Poor hygiene will intensify the problem, as will synthetic underwear (which promotes sweating and dampness); since many sweat glands are located in the anus. Insufficient drying after bathing also promotes dampness, while excessive washing with soap will dry the skin, causing itching. Constipation aggravates the condition.
Avoid spicy food and any other food which you suspect of causing the irritation. The smallest amount of black pepper, cayenne or cinnamon added to food can produce extreme itching in the anus of sensitive persons. Eat raw, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains for fiber to combat constipation and anal fissures, which can cause itching. Eat plain, unsweetened yogurt, kefer and other lactic acid fermented food to fight a possible Candida yeast infection. Unrefined cold – pressed flax seed oil will soften the stools and lubricate the walls of the rectum, reducing irritation.
Candida yeast infections causing anal itching can be helped by taking Acidophilus supplements In addition, an acidophilus capsule can be opened and applied directly to the skin. Vitamins A B complex can remedy anal itching as a lack of these vitamins typically causes problems. Iron Anemia is another cause of itching.
Herbal remedies provide effective relief of itching and irritation.
If the itching is due to haemorrhoids, apply cool compresses of witch – hazel to shrink blood vessels and chamomile flowers to speed healing.
Salves of Calendula or Aloe Vera are great to relieve itching. Apply as often as needed.
Witch hazel is one of the best remedies for anal itching apply as often as needed, it is available in a spray bottle for better results.
Tissue salts are also good;
Kali Sulph is particularly helpful tissue salt for the skin, when the eczema discharges wet or sticky secretions.
Calc Fluor is recommended if there are fissures that itch.

Keep the anal area meticulously clean by washing after each bowel movement with a cotton cloth soaked in warm water. Do not use toilet paper.

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